Thank You Letter

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to dearest friend, brother, and colleagues Assistant Professor Dr. Firat Sarsar who were the best host during my visiting to Izmir, Turkey. Thank you for all of your kindness, hospitality and all of your arrangements for university visiting and sightseeing. Without your connection, I won’t be able to share my research experience and ideas among faculty members in Ege University. I would like to thank you all faculty members, department chair, and dean of college who gave me this opportunity to present an informative presentation. I look forward to visiting Izmir and Ege University again in the near future and look forward to establishing our strong research collaboration. Thank you for everything again.


Summary of Izmir Traveling 

Izmir is a popular city and tourist destination especially among Asian countries. This blog post will be featuring my personal local experience in terms of food and local attractions.

First spot highlight is the seaside walking area. A romantic sunset and sunrise walking area that you would definitely enjoy the most with your beloved one.

After walking along the seaside, you may want to try one of local restaurant called Tavacı Recep Usta. They offer many delicious food that were not occur in our mind when we entered. The waiters were so friendly and kept bringing us so many delicious food.

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Second spot highlight is the Ephesus. A great description can be obtained from wikipedia Ephesus was an ancient Greek city and was selected to be one of world heritage. Be prepared to explore and immerse yourself in the ancient stone city and create your own imagination for this amazing tour.

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Third spot highlight is Ege University. Ege University is a public/state university founded in 1955. Ege University has outstanding beautiful campus. I was very honor to give a presentation in Trends and Issues of Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) at College of Education. I also felt privilege to take photo in one of most famous picture taking spot where students and faculty members usually take photo in their graduation ceremony.

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So, when you have chance to visit Turkey. Don’t forget to plan your trip to Izmir. You will definitely fell in love of this city and people.

Turkish Ice Cream

Istanbul in specific or Turkey in General is well-known in their Turkish cuisine. The most well-know of the Turkish cuisine may be (1) Turkish Coffee, (2) Turkish Tea, (3) Turkish Ice Cream, and many other delicious items. In this post, I will share what I have found in love with of the variety of Turkish cuisine. This variety can be as appetizer, soup, main dish, dessert, or beverage.

The first rank of my favorite food in Istanbul would be Turkish Ice Cream that I tried in MADO. I have seem many traditional Turkish ice cream in Taiwan, Bangkok, and other places where there is a Turkish man selling ice cream with some entertaining trick when handing you the ice cream. My impression from MADO was the delegated representation and the way of eating, which is Eating Ice Cream with Fork and Knife. Who would thought of eating ice cream with Fork and Knife just like eating with your meal.