Turkish Ice Cream

Istanbul in specific or Turkey in General is well-known in their Turkish cuisine. The most well-know of the Turkish cuisine may be (1) Turkish Coffee, (2) Turkish Tea, (3) Turkish Ice Cream, and many other delicious items. In this post, I will share what I have found in love with of the variety of Turkish cuisine. This variety can be as appetizer, soup, main dish, dessert, or beverage.

The first rank of my favorite food in Istanbul would be Turkish Ice Cream that I tried in MADO. I have seem many traditional Turkish ice cream in Taiwan, Bangkok, and other places where there is a Turkish man selling ice cream with some entertaining trick when handing you the ice cream. My impression from MADO was the delegated representation and the way of eating, which is Eating Ice Cream with Fork and Knife. Who would thought of eating ice cream with Fork and Knife just like eating with your meal.


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